Electricity is set to remain the fastest growing final form of energy worldwide  (World Energy Outlook, 2015)


Among renewable energy source based system, wind turbines represent nowadays the most economic, efficient and widely deployable technology. But that’s not enough…
Their relatively low height hampers the possibility to exploit strong wind flow, wich are far above them,  so that traditional turbines can gather only a négligeable part of the tropospheric wind energy

  • Their massess, dimensions and weight (and the grey energy therein) reduce unavoidably their efficiency, which start also decreasing in scaling-up, from a certain dimension onward.
  • Their efficiency is modest, only a small part of the blades gather the wind kinetic energy which is converted in electricity downstream
  • Turbines structure and noise have an adverse impact on the environment
  • Their deployability and rentability depend on adequate local wind conditions  and count also on public incentives.


Skypull is able to make a step forward, overcome traditional wind turbines limits…

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